Business Mentorship Program

You're Not Alone

You're Not Alone

You're ready to stop working for the man and finally cut the 9-5 b.s. You have this burning desire to start your own business, but have no idea where to start. 

Trust me, you're not alone.

I know you've got what it takes to start making bank on your terms, on your own schedule, and with unstoppable motivation. You're burning to get yourself out there.

And just when you think it's time to take the big leap of faith... negative thoughts come in. Which sets you back even further. Making you feel unfulfilled, unworthy, and like a straight up failure. 

 Starting up a business isn't easy.

Organizing, managing, branding, launching, marketing, legal: there's so much to do and it's hard to know where to start. In the beginning, you tried your best, but then overwhelm came in and then you ask yourself can I really do this and be successful?

You're Not Alone

from dreamer to entrepreneur in 60 days

You fantasize about your business, maybe a little too often, maybe not often enough, but right now, as long as it's alive in your mind, it's real.


You're not 100% aligned with your brand message and it's making you think when the time is right. But this just translates into procrastination and self-doubt.


You wish there was an easier approach to making money online and fear of failure is making it hard to focus, let alone accumulate the momentum you need to see this through to the end.


But what if I told you abundance and business strategy is so much easier than you could have ever imagined?


What if I said 60 days is all it took to solidify an airtight business strategy that has you up and running, ready to take on sales and clients?


And who says you need a degree in business management to start raking in sales and finally begin aligning with your inner entrepreneur?


The world needs a business like yours. And you need the freedom to begin living life without restraint or limitations.


Girl, I got you.

You're Just 60 Days from Launching

You're Just 60 Days from Launching
  • Not only am I going to coach you in business and mindset, I'm going to work with you to get your business live and operational.
  • I keep you accountable for every step you take along your launch process. That means you and your business are under my magnifying glass so we leave nothing up to chance.
  • It doesn't matter what point you are in your business start-up: beginning, middle, or end. I come in and hand you invaluable tools that ensure you feel aligned and ready to create massive sales. 
  • I know you're ready to commit and so am I. It's time for business breakthroughs and time to cut the #fluff and get to work.

Your Business Has No Limits

It's time to stop investing time, attention, and effort into places that just don't serve you. The time to create a business that aligns with your soulful purpose is NOW so you can begin making massive change in your life and the world. Luckily, I have the program that will help you do this.

This Mentorship Will


Provide you step-by-step, weekly action plans that will skyrocket your current strategies and soulfully align you with your business.


Hold YOU accountable every step of the way so that by the end of the mentorship, you're left with priceless tools for business strategy and start-up that give you the confidence and know-how to start making money your way.


Provide you with the mindset and subconscious tools that will create a long lasting identity shift so you can show up as a BOSS.

What You Get

What You Get


  • Your business mentorship runs 60 days, held entirely on Zoom.


  • 24/7 Voxer support means business and mindset coaching at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. I want you to know that we're in this together.


  • You'll receive one 90-minute phone call per week to catch up on your current progress and goal setting. This time is slotted for us to fast-track your business plan and catch any snags that might present themselves.


  • You'll receive mindset and manifestation homework to better understand yourself, your way of thinking, and how to work with your cosmic blueprint to attract success. 


  • I put together a goodie bag full of items to inspire and fulfill your inner child and creativity. This is all about infusing your business journey with fun and zest for life.  


  • In addition, I provide business and branding consulting sessions for a holistic business strategy approach that gets you seeing results.



  • You also receive a weekly 90+ minute operational knockout to-do list session.


"Yessica was amazing! I feel like she really got into my head and was able to see what I needed at that time. She gave me so much clarity and she made me see what I really wanted in life. She helped me attract something very special in my life that at first, I didn't think it would work, but with her knowledge of the law of attraction, it did! Yessica has an interesting intuitive connection. She also helped me put together a skincare course. I did not know where to start or what to do, but she was able to strategize it all for me! If you are thinking of working with her don't think much more. You won't regret working with her!"

- Gin Amber

"Working with Yessica was a game-changer for me! As a new entrepreneur, I had so many limiting beliefs around money, self-confidence, and business. I also was struggling with childhood trauma. Only after a few months of working with Yessica she was able to change my life! Whenever I had a conversation about a struggle I was facing she was not only able to give me clarity, but also uplift me with her energy. She helped me discover my inner power and overcome all the mindset blocks that I had. Yessica is extremely professional and knowledgeable in what she does! She helped me learn a lot about myself as an entrepreneur and as a person. She was always there for me and helping me stay accountable. I am grateful to have a chance to work with Yessica; she is my little angel!"

- Elena S.

"Being in the music industry, I never felt 100% comfortable sharing my total truth to my audience. Working with Yessica allowed me to dig deep within myself and let go and make sense of what my higher purpose is. The take home tools she provided me with gave me instant results and it gave me the courage and strength to go full force with my soulfully aligned brand message! She helped me step into the identity that I needed to embody in order to succeed the way I want. I am very thankful for Yessica!"


- Luna Grey


  • You're feeling stuck in your business and want an accountability/business coach at your side to push you to the finish line.
  • You need help decluttering your mind and waking life to better understand how you can give back to yourself and your business 
  • You want to begin making money on your own terms but don't know how and don't know where to start.
  • You need guidance and above all, discipline. You want a business that transforms you and how you perceive making money. You want to be shown there is no cap on your potential income.
  • You're tired of textbook get-rich schemes and want real soulful reflection. You're interested in combining business strategy and spirituality for reality-bending success.
  • You want more free time, adventure, fulfillment, and positivity. Aside from seeing the digits skyrocket in your bank account, you're ready to start living higher vibe and letting your business work for YOU.

Who am I?

Who am I?

I'm Yessica, founder of High Life Academy, Master Success Coach, NLP Trainer, and self-made Manifestation Guru. And I'm here to tell you one thing:

I'm with you the whole step of the way. 

I was once the definition of a procrastinator in my business. From the point of my certification as an NLP, Hynotherapist, and Master and Success coach I was granted all the tools needed to begin making waves in my business.

So why did it take me almost a full year to launch?

I was terrified of making myself visible. My lifestyle wasn't aligned with the identity I truly vibed with. I was sleeping late, spending useless time on social media comparing myself (in negative ways) to other women and brands and crushing what little self-esteem I had to give my business soul and empowerment. I didn't nurture myself. And that's where it all starts.

Self-love isn't an overnight broth you can leave in a crockpot and open the lid on in the morning. It's a beautiful flower, an elegant plant that requires constant watering. It takes consistent practice, consistent discipline, and it won't take another course, another self-help book, another motivational speech to get your business up and thriving. It takes investing the proper time and learning the ropes of mindset and self-love while simultaneously progressing through your business plan.

THIS is what will make your business flourish. What made my business strategy go from basic and boring to life-altering and money-making.

You deserve this recipe for success in your online business and I'm here to help you - every step of the way.

I'm here to show you that six-figure income is more than just possible. It's your birthright. I offer limitation-shattering coaching practices and revolutionary business approaches that cost a fraction of what other programs run.

I'm ready to invest 100% into you. All I need is a promise you're ready to invest the same into yourself.


Book Discovery Call

Want to chat live? Book a call so we can see if this program is right for you!

Need a scholarship?

If you need extra support financially apply to our scholarship program so we can start working together ASAP.


What if I don’t have a business at all, but I want to start one?

Great question! This program will still benefit you immensely because we're building the foundation of your business from the ground up, which means making sure you're soulfully aligned with your business ideas and brand message is that much easier. The amount we'll accomplish in 60 days will still leave you with a solid business strategy and the undercover mindset tricks and secrets to begin shifting your life into new, exciting directions.

I have a full-time job, but still want to commit to this. Is this program time consuming?

Yes and no. We will be working a lot TOGETHER. And this is certainly the time when you need to give it your all if you want success down the road. However, I work with YOUR schedule so you don’t feel overwhelmed. We'll delegate and chunk tasks in a way that makes them practical and achievable by the end of the week. And during our admin work session, we'll tackle the most time-consuming tasks as a team so we can move your goals forward that much faster. Two, after all, is better than one.

Is there a payment Plan option?

OF COURSE! If some of the programs I've done didn’t offer payment plans I wouldn't have been able to experience half of them. When you click BUY NOW, you will see different payment plan options that meet all your financing needs, no matter your income.

Do you have scholarships?

YES! This is something I haven't seen in other coaching programs and wanted to offer in mine. If you feel like you're in a serious financial bind but still want to enroll in this program, then apply for my scholarship. If you get accepted then a portion of the payment will be discounted so you can start the program right away!

Why do I need to apply?

You and I will be working for 60 days, 2+ times a week, and with 24/7 voice note support. We need to make sure you and I are the RIGHT FIT for each other! I'm about to invest a lot of energy and time into you, so I want to ensure you're ready to commit the same to yourself. I also need to know what type of business you're trying to start. I'm most familiar with online-service based businesses and restaurant operations, but if you're trying to start up the next Apple brand and name it Orange, I'm probably not the coach for you (#lol)

Is it refundable?

This program is NOT refundable. For this reason, once you apply and get accepted, we run through a clarity call before you hand me any payment so you can be 100% confident this is what you want to do. I vouch for total confidence and trust in your coach, so I'm a huge advocate of making sure you're as excited as I am to start this prior to handing over your hard-earned money.

What if we DON'T get all the tasks done and I'm not where I want to be in my business?

In the rare occasion that we do NOT get certain tasks done, I have a 2-week grace period after our 60 days so that we can knock out any other tasks that may have not been accomplished due to unforeseen circumstances. But trust me, 60 days is just the “formal” way to organize this program; I don't care how long it takes, I'm here to make sure our program is finished until the end!