Mindset + Success Breakthrough Day

shatter your expectations

shatter your expectations

What if you didn’t have to wait 3+ months to revolutionize your way of thinking? What if I told you that within 24-hours, I could hand you tools and techniques allowing you to transmute low-energy and fear of failure into powerful manifestation and unstoppable action?

Imagine travelling to your favorite destinations, making your own schedule, spending more quality time with friends and family. Imagine aligning with your soul's true purpose and passion to the point that all work feels like play. What if your subconscious worked for you without you even realizing it?

It can. And we call this success on autopilot. 

shatter your expectations

mindset is queen

9 times out of 10, the only person standing in your way is you.


But did you know that there's a layer beneath our conscious mind, a self-thinking, self-acting, self-preserving "voice" that influences our day to day lives without us even being aware of it? Think of it like a cosmic radio station, the frequency you're tuned into that plays a huge role in your day to day life.


Did you know that by simply altering our habits and thoughts, by just being more conscious, we can train our sublayers of thought so that they begin to operate beneath the surface and start formulating our success?


Pro tip: sometimes the problem isn't our strategy, it's our mindset.


Emotions drive us. The past drives us. On a subconscious level, there are mechanisms working without us even realizing. And they may be working against us, despite our greatest efforts to get up and get moving.


Your mindset determines all, but most people don't understand exactly what mindset means or how critically it can be impacted in mere hours' time.


Some people aren't aware of the painfully simple techniques that can be used to shatter an inhibiting subconscious so that we can ramp up our frequency, attract higher vibrations, and tune into a radio station that plays our favorite song, all the time.


There's a blueprint for real world success at your fingertips and you don't want to take any more courses, waste any more weeks planning or preparing. You want a massive mindset shift that will completely lock your goals and strategies into place instantly.


Girl, I got you. 




If you have...

If you have...
  • Fear of failure, self-doubt, anxiety.
  • Issues with self-love and difficulty believing that you're worth it.
  • A lack of clarity on why you're really here, what you're life's purpose is, or how you can make a difference in the world.
  • Problems with procrastination or past emotions and baggage that are clumping your thought processes and making it hard to come into life with focus and peaceful energy.
  • Repetitive cycles that don't seem to do much but place you right back where you started
  • A lack of self-esteem or a gameplan for developing your identity on a soulful level.


Then This Breakthrough Day is For You

This Session Will


Redevelop your mindset through implementation of NLP techniques proven to shift your subconscious and lay the foundations for higher modes of thinking.


Shatter limiting beliefs and manifest confidence and empowerment that works on autopilot; this means you're living with intention and purpose without even having to think about it.


Formulate a lifestyle plan tailored to get you living like the future you who is ALREADY successful.

What You'll Get

What You'll Get

    Your breakthrough session runs 1-2 days, held entirely on Zoom.

    We'll have one 60-minute phone call prior to your session so we can customize the breakthrough day details and events.  

    You choose one area of life + mindset for us to focus on. 

    After we gather all the vital info, you'll then receive a goodie bag of things we'll need for the session. Examples include journals, crystals, candles, etc. 


    1. You get a rundown on how the subconscious works in regards to empowerment and how you can keep a high vibration to maintain exponential levels of confidence.
    2. We evaluate your values and core belief systems so that we can strategize your life and mindset according to your soulful blueprint. 
    3. We dive deep into your childhood past and/or family history to find root causes of problems or limiting beliefs. 
    4. We color, journal, stretch and pull cards to tap into higher energies and divulge deeper meanings.
    5. We release all the top emotions that have been holding you down using T.I.M.E. techniques.
    6. We use hypnosis techniques to step you into your next level self.
    7. We write a goodbye letter to your old, unserving identity and a welcome letter to the new, next-level, high vibration You.
    8. We develop a lifestyle action plan for you to embody your new identity and effortlessly pursue goals with newfound clarity and focus.
    9. We strategize your lifestyle and discuss, in-depth, the day-to-day techniques you can utilize to maintain high energy and high frequency on autopilot. 
    10. I show you take-home empowerment techniques that you can use on the go, anytime, anywhere to pick you up anytime you're feeling down.
    11. We finish off with a badass oracle card reading to make sure we are truly aligned with your soulful mission! 


    Discovering your master blueprint of success and ideal identity is cause to celebrate and what better way to release energy and welcome the new you with movement and life


    You also receive 1 MONTH of accountability coaching from me for a total of 4 WEEKLY CALLS arranged so we can make sure you are on track for success and fulfilling your master life + business blueprint.


She facilitated such a beautiful breakthrough day! We focused on my behaviors, identity, and thought patterns that were stopping me from going full force in my business. Having her perspective and expertise gave me clarity on my soulful direction. She infuses energy, spirituality, and strategy in her sessions which gave me more courage to take action! I am so grateful for the experience and even more grateful that she helped me become unstuck in my business! 

- Martha C.

Being in the music industry, I never felt 100% comfortable sharing my total truth to my audience. Working with Yessica allowed me to dig deep within myself and let go and make sense of what my higher purpose is. The take home tools she provided me with gave me instant results and it gave me the courage and strength to go full force with my soulfully aligned brand message! She helped me step into the identity that I needed to embody in order to succeed the way I want. I am very thankful for Yessica! 

- Luna Grey


  • You're ready to start seeing life through a different lens. One full of life, light, and opportunity.
  • You feel inhibited by past relationships, emotions, and baggage.
  • You want to begin making money on your own terms or simply following a more beneficial, self-serving lifestyle routine, but have no idea how.
  • You feel meant for more, but you lack the confidence and mental tools to get up and go.
  • You want clarity and a sharp focus so you can visualize and pursue your ideal identity and dream life without blockages.
  • You want to stop procrastinating and coming down on yourself for it. 
  • You want a spiritual approach to mindset that lets you feel mentally rich and empowered.

Who am I?

Who am I?

I'm Yessica, founder of High Life Academy, Master Success Coach, and self-made Manifestation Guru. And I'm here to tell you one thing:

You've got this, girl

You were born to be unstoppable. Average, ordinary, limitations; these are all words you just don't vibe with. So stop settling.

It's time to shatter old belief systems and step into your highest self. Strategize your business. Make money on your terms. Reclaim your power. Love yourself unconditionally. And make monetizing your life's purpose fun and effortless.

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I'm tired of seeing countless women unclear on their marketing message and not aligning with their career in the way they've always dreamt of.

You have what it takes to become a leader in not only your identity and business, but for your friends, your family, your peers.

I know that if you KNEW what to do, you would have already done it. And with the tools I'm going to hand you, there is a 100% guarantee that you WILL gain the clarity and excitement for life that you've been missing, and above all, that you deserve.

Even if our adventure takes longer than 2 days to complete, we won't stop until you feel 100% confident that you're in control of your life and business.

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