About High Life

High Life is a success coaching brand that infuses mindset, spirituality, and business strategy for radical shifts in life + business, making standard coaching a thing of the past.

Our main goal is to reconnect you back with your higher self. Your higher self is the version of you who is already successful, already running their dream business, already financially comfortable, and already confident and unstoppable. True abundance is living a life of freedom and adventure. Freedom and adventure when combined with passion and talent, can impact this world on a grand scale.

This version of YOU is who we aim to activate. 

There are many ways to transform your life and business, but we understand that there's no one size fits all method.  

Each of us lives with a soulful master blueprint, one that provides deep insights and answers to our most burning questions. It also provides us the perfect strategy we need to implement our purpose and transform it into passion that pays.

By applying our signature High Life Method, we're able to connect you with this exact master blueprint. We have the tools and the know-how you need to begin igniting your soul on deep, newfound levels. As far as we're concerned, success and freedom start here.


The signature High Life Method is: 


Soul + Strategy + Stamina = Your Success


By applying this method to our programs:


  • You'll transform old thought patterns and limiting beliefs into fast-acting movement and money-making confidence.
  • You'll attract abundance and opportunity naturally and effortlessly by unlocking your unique spiritual blueprint of success.
  • You'll be hardwired to tap into higher energy and vibrations that manifest empowerment and self-love on a whole new level.
  • You'll learn the ropes of starting your own business and formulate a mindset that makes strategy and success NON-NEGOTIABLE.
  • You'll embody your inner SOULPRENEUR and generate income on YOUR TERMS. No more 9-5's. You work for YOU.
  • You'll strategize an airtight business plan that allows you the FREEDOM and FINESSE you need to skyrocket your career without sacrificing precious time or relationships.

 By connecting soul + strategy it creates the synergy in your life and business to reach your highest potential! 

We are here to help you succeed. If you want to see how High Life can help with your soulful journey, go to our services page and see which programs best align with you!

The High Life is a life of mental luxury. It's about learning to live higher: a higher perspective, a higher vibration, a higher income, a higher purpose.

When you live with a higher intention, life begins to work for you. High Life hands you the spiritual tools you need to monetize mindset and reprogram your way of living.

About Me

About Me

I'm Yessica, founder of High Life Academy, Master Mindset Coach, Energetic Business Strategist, and Spiritual Enthusiast. And I'm here to tell you one thing:

Your most abundant + confident self presently exists. We only need to tap into her.

For years, I fell out of touch with my higher self, with my core values, with happiness in general. I began living alone at the age of 16, so my soulful disconnect started young. I was seemingly never satisfied with work, suffered from low self-esteem, and lived sporadically, irresponsibly, and though it may have been to the fullest at the time, it also might have been reckless living. 

After living years with no sense of home or direction, I decided things needed a shift. I made it my mission to reconnect back to my higher self and start making action happen. I studied and applied MANY healing techniques that were aimed to connect me back with my soulful purpose. 

Here are a few things I've tried and are certified in:

  • NLP
  • Hypnotherapy 
  • EFT
  • Life + Success Coaching 
  • T.I.M.E Technique 
  • Reiki 

After a decade of trial and error, I can confidently say that it's possible to transform your life and start a soulful business that aligns you with your true purpose and passion.

One of the things I value above others is connecting with your inner child so that you can activate creative ideas and view life through a more joyous, humble lens. 

As children, we're taught that we can be "anything we want to be" in life, yet once adulthood arrives, we find ourselves living lives less similar to what our childlike imagination envisioned for us. This is why I started The High Life Academy, so that I could develop unique techniques that would allow you to connect back with your inner child and fulfill your soul's true calling.

With a degree in Business and Psychology, I've formulated a blend of spirituality, mindset, and business strategies that work. I realign you with your ideal lifestyle, where monetizing your passion and living soulfully is finally a reality, not just a fantasy.

I'm here to show you that six-figure income is more than just possible. It's your birthright. Because of my experiences, I offer limitation-shattering coaching practices and revolutionary business approaches that cost a fraction of what other programs run.

I'm ready to invest 100% into you. All I need is a promise you're ready to invest the same into yourself.


Your inner child awaits to play  



About Me