Want lasting change? Then stop focusing on your mindset

mindset | Posted Jan 22, 2021

The word Mindset is now becoming more and more common especially in the media. There are billion-dollar industries dedicated to just mindset work. 


But what exactly is “Mindset”? 


A Mindset is a collection of thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, and methods that shape the personality and identity of a person. 


We hear all this talk about mindset, about how important it is, but I do not hear as much talk about the subconscious. Which quite frankly is the driver of your mindset. 


For example...


A mindset is like the software system that is inside your computer. This software is what runs the functionality and identity of your hardware. The physical part of your computer can be represented as the body. They attempt to work together in harmony in order to function, thrive, and survive. 


But then there is Your subconscious mind. Which is the root of your identity and mindset. It is represented as the settings on...

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5 Most Important Tips to Activate Your Vision Board

manifestation mindset | Posted Jan 22, 2021

Well first off, Happy 2021! 

If you’re like me, you’ve already created your vision board, written your 2021 goals for the year, and ready to make this “The best year ever”. 


Well congrats! January is a great time to reset and truly dive into the new and improved you. 


I can’t help but notice the vision board trend has really taken off the last few years. And as I see many people jumping on the vision board train I am hearing the same thing over and over again. 


“When will my dreams manifest?” 

“It’s not working as fast as I want” 

“How long should I have the same vision board for?” 

“Does this even work?” 


After hearing these comments and way more, I thought it important to point out the top 5 tips when creating a vision so it actually works. 


TIP 1 

Put a picture of yourself in the vision board



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