5 Most Important Tips to Activate Your Vision Board

manifestation mindset Jan 22, 2021

Well first off, Happy 2021! 

If you’re like me, you’ve already created your vision board, written your 2021 goals for the year, and ready to make this “The best year ever”. 


Well congrats! January is a great time to reset and truly dive into the new and improved you. 


I can’t help but notice the vision board trend has really taken off the last few years. And as I see many people jumping on the vision board train I am hearing the same thing over and over again. 


“When will my dreams manifest?” 

“It’s not working as fast as I want” 

“How long should I have the same vision board for?” 

“Does this even work?” 


After hearing these comments and way more, I thought it important to point out the top 5 tips when creating a vision so it actually works. 


TIP 1 

Put a picture of yourself in the vision board


It’s near impossible to manifest your dream life if you can’t see yourself in it. Many people cut out models or insert pictures of happy, random couples in order to manifest their desires, but it’s so important to actually SEE yourself achieving these goals versus random people you don’t know.


If you see YOUR face next to YOUR desires, then subconsciously you’re constructing an identity around a person that already HAS these things, which is a key component in the manifesting world: truly believing that you’ve accomplished these goals presently in waking life. If you begin to IDENTIFY as a person who already accomplished these things, then subconsciously you will perform actions in order to fulfill this identity. 


So slap a selfie onto your vision board. If you are manifesting love, cut your head out and try printing or finding a picture of a lover who most resembles your “type” or ideal partner. It’s silly, but it works, and that’s what matters most.

TIP 2 

Journal out how grateful you are to receive these wishes 


Once again, the key here is FEEL as if you already have it. So if you start to journal about how grateful you are for your desires coming to fruition, then your energetic frequency (aka mood) in attracting those wishes will be elevated. 


The higher your frequency is, the more prone you are to manifest what you want. Examples of emotions that vibrate at a high frequency are happiness, gratitude, joy, love, etc. These all generate HIGH numbers in the frequency world. On the other hand, emotions that generate low frequencies are worry, sadness, anger, fear etc. If you carry these emotions around with you daily, you will NOT be in a position to manifest like the queen you are.


Put it like this, the universe won't be able to see or hear you with a low signal on your phone (aka frequency). But if you maintain great signal through higher vibration emotions, then you can call anyone without losing service, and the universe will be able to hear your calls and grant you your desires FASTER. 


Journaling is a great way to practice gratitude so you can keep your “signal” on HIGH. 

TIP 3 

Create realistic goals 


How can an individual ever reach their goals if they’re not realistic? 


For example, if you put on your vision board that you want to manifest a million-dollar penthouse, but you make under 40K a year and have a poor credit score, well I’m sorry hun, but that isn’t exactly manifesting the right way.


Yes, put that gorgeous million-dollar home on your vision board, but what steps need to happen FIRST in order to obtain that? 


  1. You need to fix your credit score.
  2. You either need a promotion, raise, or additional/other job. 
  3. You need to possibly reanalyze your career and find a way to monetize your talents so you can make more money, on your terms. 
  4. You need to start observing the habits and lifestyles of successful people so you can start following in their footsteps. 
  5. Or you can always marry someone rich, but you didn’t hear that one from me (wink).

There are realistic steps you need to take in order to obtain unrealistic dreams. So on your vision board you should add… 


-A picture of a healthy credit score.

-A business coach who can help you start your own successful business. 

-Clarity on your life's purpose so you can truly tune into making the big bucks.


Like I mentioned, HAVE that million-dollar house on your board, but make sure you have the realistic steps in place so that it begins to manifest itself into reality.

TIP 4 

Create affirmations around your desired goals and recite them DAILY


So here is a quick rundown on how the brain works…. 


  1. Your brain says words
  2. These words turn into sentences 
  3. These sentences repeated consistently over a period of time turn into beliefs 
  4. These beliefs create emotion within your body. 
  5. These emotions are what cause you to take action. 
  6. Therefore, results are created.


Our emotions are truly the driver of our actions. If we FEEL motivated to go to the gym, we then sign up for a membership, meal prep, buy a cute gym outfit, look up fun exercises, etc. 


But let’s say the next day you get into a fight with a friend or lover. You feel sad, you forgot to do laundry, so you don’t even have your cute outfit for the gym. You’re stressed for other valid reasons and now you need to cook something healthy, but getting fast food is quicker, less of a mess, and on this day, very comforting. 


I guess the gym can wait until tomorrow. 


Tomorrow comes, and you feel like CRAP that you ate like crap, that let something else get in your way. You feel a day behind. But there will be a gym tomorrow won’t there? 


This is an example of how emotions rule our actions and therefore dictate our results. It is emotion that drives us. Whether good or bad. 


We have a good chance of creating long lasting results when meeting our goals. But it starts with WORDS.


Whether you believe the affirmation or not. The more times you repeat it, the better your chances at turning this phrase into a belief. 


If we use the million dollar house example, some affirmations can be… 


-I have a credit score of 800 or more. 

-I always attract money. 

-I am excited to put in the work to attract a higher paying job. 

-Money and ideas flow easily and effortlessly to me. 


You get the point. 


So for every area of your life, create affirmations around your vision board so you can assist them in coming true. Examples of areas of life are… 











Create these affirmations and repeat them DAILY!


TIP 5 

Dance and visualize after looking at your vision board

Movement is literally life. Movement is what helps energy flow in and out of the body. This is why working out is not just good for our bodies and mental health, but also for attracting positive energy into our lives. 


If you look at your vision board and then blast upbeat music while visualizing your dream life or goals, it will activate your vision board 5x faster. 


Remember, the point of a vision board is for you to have a reminder of your goals in a visual way, but creating a vision board is just planting the seed. 




Water in the manifestation world is represented by energy, high energetic frequencies, gratitude, and of course, energetic action


After you look at your vision board, dance, close your eyes and picture how your life will look like with all these wishes present now. I GUARANTEE, you will feel thrilled and excited to put forth the action needed in order to get results. You’re putting life into your dreams. You’re making movement and therefore making waves.


I have a specific playlist called Money Moves. And I play it anytime I create a program or if I want to be connected to the channel of money. And trust me, I feel like a million bucks after I listen to that playlist. It gets me in the “zone”. But what’s your “zone”?


Tap into the zone of the person you want to become and let the universe do the rest. 

These are just a few tips that will help truly ACTIVATE your vision board. The most important thing to remember is to perform energetic action. This is when you do all you can with the resources you have in order to make your manifestations come true. If the universe sees you putting in the effort, it will be more prone to give you that lasting nudge in the right direction. 


Make your vision board FUN and colorful, with pictures of yourself and playful creativity. Then water it with your movement, your energy, your unique, high vibration, and I PROMISE YOU, you will see results in no time.