Want lasting change? Then stop focusing on your mindset

mindset Jan 22, 2021

The word Mindset is now becoming more and more common especially in the media. There are billion-dollar industries dedicated to just mindset work. 


But what exactly is “Mindset”? 


A Mindset is a collection of thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, and methods that shape the personality and identity of a person. 


We hear all this talk about mindset, about how important it is, but I do not hear as much talk about the subconscious. Which quite frankly is the driver of your mindset. 


For example...


A mindset is like the software system that is inside your computer. This software is what runs the functionality and identity of your hardware. The physical part of your computer can be represented as the body. They attempt to work together in harmony in order to function, thrive, and survive. 


But then there is Your subconscious mind. Which is the root of your identity and mindset. It is represented as the settings on your computer. For example, If your wifi settings are turned off then you will NEVER be able to connect to your wifi. Doesn’t matter how close you get to the router, doesn’t matter if your computer is fully charged, It especially doesn’t even matter if you pay for the most expensive wifi provider.  


If the setting are off, you will NEVER be able to connect to the wifi. No. Matter. What.


Your subconscious mind is very similar to the settings on your computer. This is what really runs the show. Your subconscious mind is the one that tells your eyes to blink. It is what helps your blood flow throughout the body. It is the one that gives you cat-like reflexes when you accidentally touch fire. It even stores all your beliefs, and ALL your memories whether they are good or bad.  


Many people in the coaching and therapy industry focus on reprogramming the mind in order to create lasting change. 


BUT, some coaches are not tapping into creating change at the subconscious level. Even though it is proven that it is the ultimate driver of our habits, and the biggest driver in creating our identity and personality. 


Mindset work has helped me in the past, but it did not create long lasting results the way subconscious work does.  


Yeah... I felt good after talking about my problems. It was nice to shift my thinking and create new temporary beliefs, but I personally would still go back to the same old habits. The same old thought patterns so I knew there was something deeper that I was not tapping into.


This is when I found the magical world of NLP. And shortly after got certified as a master and soon to be trainer. NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming. Which is a fancy way of saying the minds master manual. 


This practice is what was able to create REAL lasting results for me. It’s what was able to eliminate deep childhood trauma, and truly decode deep rooted beliefs that I felt was impossible to tap into. 


Just after one session with a certified NLP coach will immediately allow you to feel results. 


NO more waiting 21 days to create a habit. This stuff creates instant momentum, instant change, and instant results. 


Of course working on your mindset is still very important, but the root cause of it all begins at the subconscious level. As soon as you tackle what is inside your subconscious mind then working on your mindset will become a breeze. It will just be maintenance. Because the new beliefs and identity you infuse into a clean slate will be here to last. 


If you were to just work on your mindset alone, it would be similar to simply deleteing the viruses on your computer. Yes, the viruses are gone, but the system settings isn’t equipped to protect from NEW viruses. Therefore showing up a few weeks later after the clean. 


If you want real lasting change then it begins at the subconscious level. 


Though mindset and subconscious work do go hand in hand, and in no way should you stop working on your minds health, it is simply that your subconscious is the one that needs your most undivided attention. This is where you ensure that the settings are turned on for ultimate success. Then after flipping the switch is when you work with the mindset. And this is when you  make sure the software is running properly and to the owners liking. 


If you are interested in getting an NLP session please feel free to reach out! The High Life is also certifying people people in NLP and other modalities so you yourself can experience this change share this gift to the community around you! 


Stay tuned for more tips on how to work with the subconscious mind and how it will change your life! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!