CEO Business & Mindset Intensive

your time is now

your time is now

Are you fed up with feeling "behind" in your life and business? Do you keep making plans, creating strategies, and yet, you are still far away from your life & business goals? You fantasize of ways to create this ideal brand because you know it's your soulful purpose. There's a drive inside you, a passion, a mission, and a need to help others. Yet, there's no momentum, no foundation, no sales, and the worst, no confidence or motivation to keep going. 

your time is now

give yourself just 2 hours

9 times out of 10, the only person standing in your way is you.


Trust me, I've been there. Procrastinating daily, fantasizing about success, watching other girls accomplish their goals while I remained the same. Dealing with heavy imposter syndrome and lacking any motivation to keep going. 

But want to know what I did to overcome this? Want to know the one tiny thing I did that changed my life forever? 


I hired a coach. A damn good coach. 


  • One that saw my blind spots
  • One that made me feel worthy of success
  • One that reconnected me with my soulful purpose
  • One that held me accountable and wasn't afraid to call me out on my BS
  • One that was able to reprogram my subconscious and release childhood trauma that was holding me back from success


Not going to lie, after seeing the results from my first coach, I then quickly hired a few more. Social Media Coach, Launch Strategist Coach, Mindset Coach, Intuitive Healers, Personal Trainers etc. etc. 

My life changed so much, that I felt it was now time for me to give back. This is when the Unleash Your CEO Business & Mindset Intensive was born. 


This is an accelerated 2-hour business and mindset intensive aimed to get you crystal clear on your foundational business goals while breaking through any limiting beliefs holding you back from unleashing your CEO self.  

This is for those who

This is for those who
  • Are ready to go all in their business while crafting a strong CEO Mindset.
  • Are done procrastinating and want momentum NOW in their business.  
  • Need a clear and tangible business blueprint with realistic deadlines to create consistency and momentum in their business.
  • Want to make money doing what they love while creating an ideal lifestyle.
  • Have a soulful purpose and want to share their gifts with the world, but just need a little push or direction. 
  • Need someone to hold them accountable while maintaining motivation and drive.
  • Need a solid business strategy to create the foundation of a profitable brand/business.
  • Are ready to stop playing games and get serious about creating a life and business of their dreams so they can impact the world with their gifts and talents! 

if this sounds like you... then this is your sign to start now

This Session Will


Provide you a step-by-step soulfully aligned action plan to skyrocket your business goals and build momentum.


Release any habits or patterns limiting you from stepping into your next-level CEO self and tap into your true potential.


Formulate a lifestyle plan tailored to get you living like the future you who is ALREADY successful + oracle card reading.

What You'll Get

What You'll Get


  • Your Intensive will run for 2-hours which can be done on Zoom or in person for those in the Chicago Land area. 

  • The goal of this session is for you to feel confident and inspired to tackle your business to-do list and grow your soulful brand. We will also work on your CEO Mindset to create lasting change in your habits and lifestyle. Lastly, we will discuss the power of manifestation and the importance of energetically protecting you and your business so you can become magnetic and attract your dream clients!  




    1. We will discuss your soulful mission and get clear on your overall goals. 
    2. We evaluate your values and core belief systems so that we can strategize your life and business according to your soulful blueprint. 
    3. We dive into the foundation of your business, clarifying your brand message, business model, niche, and sales goals.  
    4. We then analyze your business essentials and observe what you need to get started ASAP. For example, legal, website, supplies etc. 
    5. We formulate your product suite and price services accordingly. 
    6. We move into Social Media Marketing for your business and what you need to become confident and visible. 
    7. After we gather all this information, we will then create a master business blueprint with tangible deadlines. 
    8. We then move into mindset work, banishing all limiting beliefs that are preventing you from unleashing the CEO within. 
    9. We develop a lifestyle action-plan for you to embody your new identity and effortlessly pursue your business goals with newfound clarity and focus.
    10. I show you take-home empowerment techniques and discuss the importance of protecting yourself energetically and how to use manifestation to accelerate your goals.
    11. We finish off with a powerful oracle card reading to make sure you feel truly aligned with your soulful mission! 


    Having clarity, strategy, and a lifestyle plan around your business and life goals plus a newly activated CEO mindset calls for us to have a mini celebration! 



  • BONUS!! 

    You will also receive 2 WEEKS of accountability coaching! This is a total of 4 calls that will support you on your journey and keep you accountable with your goals. We can also use this time to continue cultivating your CEO mindset or answer any lingering questions! 


Being in the music industry, I never felt 100% comfortable sharing my total truth to my audience. Working with Yessica allowed me to dig deep within myself and let go and make sense of what my higher purpose is. The take home tools she provided me with gave me instant results and it gave me the courage and strength to go full force with my soulfully aligned brand message! She helped me step into the identity that I needed to embody in order to succeed the way I want. I am very thankful for Yessica! 

- Luna Grey

She facilitated such a beautiful breakthrough day! We focused on my behaviors, identity, and thought patterns that were stopping me from going full force in my business. Having her perspective and expertise gave me clarity on my soulful direction. She infuses energy, spirituality, and strategy in her sessions which gave me more courage to take action! I am so grateful for the experience and even more grateful that she helped me become unstuck in my business! 

- Martha C.

Working with Yessica was a game-changer for me! As a new entrepreneur, I had so many limiting beliefs around money, self-confidence, and business. I also was struggling with childhood trauma. Only after a few months of working with Yessica she was able to change my life! Whenever I had a conversation about a struggle I was facing she was not only able to give me clarity, but also uplift me with her energy. She helped me discover my inner power and overcome all the mindset blocks that I had. Yessica is extremely professional and knowledgeable in what she does! She helped me learn a lot about myself as an entrepreneur and as a person. She was always there for me and helping me stay accountable. I am grateful to have a chance to work with Yessica; she is my little angel!

- Elena S.


  • You're feeling excited to start and are done waiting. 
  • You're feeling an urge to create a soulful business and just need direction and clarity. 
  • You're excited to make money on your own terms by sharing your gifts/knowledge. 
  • You know you're meant for more and are ready to stop daydreaming and start doing! 
  • You want to learn about protecting your energy in life and business and are excited to practice manifestation to accomplish your goals! 
  • You are ready to unleash the inner CEO and show the world what you can accomplish! 

Who am I?

Who am I?

I'm Yessica, founder of High Life Academy, Master Mindset Coach, Business Strategist, and Energy Mentor. And I'm here to tell you one thing:

You've got this, girl

You were born to be unstoppable. Average, ordinary, limitations; these are all words you just don't vibe with anymore. So stop settling.

It's time to shatter old belief systems and step into your highest self. Strategize your business. Make money on your terms. Reclaim your power. Love yourself unconditionally. And make monetizing your life's purpose fun and effortless.

If you want to learn more about me CLICK HERE to be directed to my about page. 

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I'm tired of seeing countless women not living in their soulful purpose. Living a repetitive and mundane life. 

We came to earth with a purpose and a mission. We came here to take risks, to go all in, and to live a joyful and adventurous life full of freedom and abundance!

I know you have a gift that the world is waiting to see. Whether it's a product or service, you have clients currently waiting for your knowledge, for your passion, and for your uniqueness. 

With the tools I'm going to hand you, I 100% guarantee that you WILL gain the clarity, excitement, and momentum that you've been missing, and above all, that you deserve.

Even if our adventure takes longer than 2 hours, we won't stop until you feel 100% confident that you're in control of your life and business. We won't stop until you have unleashed the CEO YOU!

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